Washing machine timer won't advance after 1 minute

Posted 26th Jan 2016
Two days ago, my washing machine was making a really loud noise as it was spinning (much louder than usual - hammering sound). Yesterday, it stuck with 5 minutes left to go on the cycle, then a little later added a further 20 minutes to the cycle - it finally finished the wash but the really loud noise from the previous day had gone to a weak, screeching noise. I checked the pump filter this morning and there is nothing in there.

This morning, I put on a 1 hour and 50 minute, 30 degree cotton cycle. It started to fill with water for around 20 seconds, then stopped. I assumed in was heating up - the timer went down to 1 hour and 49 minutes but then just stuck. I left the machine and after a couple of hours went to check the washing, but the timer was saying that the wash had ended, however, it had not washed the clothes at all. I have a feeling that the heating element is not working (machine still felt cold) and that the timer has packed up. I tried doing the wash on a different clothes setting, but the same thing happened again. My son replaced the filter pump around 5 months ago and it doesn't seem to be that. Does anybody have any other ideas please? Thank you.
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does the drum rotate by hand as it should ?
Drum bearings?
Lifted from the web:-
Turn the drum while it's empty to check if the drum bearings have gone. If you feel a resistance, the machine's bearings may need replacing. Another giveaway symptom is that the metal drum may have dropped down slightly and will no longer be in line with the rubber seal around the door opening.
The drum seems fine and the pump. It is the countdown timer on the machine that seems to stop working after it counts down 1 minute. I have just noticed that just before it says that the cycle has ended (timer countdown changes over to 'END'), the countdown timer is still showing the same time as it was when it stopped counting down.
Sounds like an indesit machine to me
It could possibly be your PCB board that controls things but that wouldn't cause a screeching noise.
that could either be the belt,motor,bearings or pump.
you can't always tell the bearings are gone just by looking maybe the motor is sticking and thats having a knock on affect.
I have had a similar problem on my washing machine, it turned out that debris (paperclips in this case) were caught up in the filter. I have no idea why it made the washer get stuck in the middle of a program, making lots of odd noises, but removal of the debris fixed the problem.
Could be a number of things as others have said.
Things to check:- does it rotate the drum at any point during the wash (to rule out brushes or jammed drum). Can you do a rinse wash in it (should rule out that the drain pump is not blocked). Does it flash any lights which may indicate where the problem is.

I would guess it is stuck at a point in the cycle and times out after a couple of hours which is why it looks like it has completed. Normally you get some sequence of flashing lights which can be decoded to tell what is wrong. What make/model is it? If it does rotate and complete a rinse cycle then it could be the heater. Often a failed heater causes the house MCBs to trip if you have these.
Make sure the drum rotates freely in both directions, I once had a sock work it's way through the door to drum seal and get stuck between the drum and outer casing. Drum would spin a few turns in one direction then the sock would jam and drum would go stiff. In the other direction it seemed OK. If you've been getting damaged items it may be a sign the seal is worn or bearings gone. I've dismantled 2 machines to change bearings, it's a long job and both times there was already damage on other components, after a few months I replaced the machine.
Thank you for all your advice. I checked the filter pump there was nothing in there. I've replaced the filter pump twice due to being damaged - the first time my older daughter's front door key went through the wash and broke the pump - the second time my younger daughter picked up a pile of washing, along with some cotton buds and a safety pin, which then broke the pump again! I looked up the cost of a new motor (which I think has packed up) and eSpares were quoting £101. I have decided not to spend out any more on the machine (with I've had for around 7 years now) and have now gone and ordered one from Currys as they have a sale on at the moment.
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