Washing machine timer won't advance after 1 minute

Posted 26th Jan 2016
Two days ago, my washing machine was making a really loud noise as it was spinning (much louder than usual - hammering sound). Yesterday, it stuck with 5 minutes left to go on the cycle, then a little later added a further 20 minutes to the cycle - it finally finished the wash but the really loud noise from the previous day had gone to a weak, screeching noise. I checked the pump filter this morning and there is nothing in there.

This morning, I put on a 1 hour and 50 minute, 30 degree cotton cycle. It started to fill with water for around 20 seconds, then stopped. I assumed in was heating up - the timer went down to 1 hour and 49 minutes but then just stuck. I left the machine and after a couple of hours went to check the washing, but the timer was saying that the wash had ended, however, it had not washed the clothes at all. I have a feeling that the heating element is not working (machine still felt cold) and that the timer has packed up. I tried doing the wash on a different clothes setting, but the same thing happened again. My son replaced the filter pump around 5 months ago and it doesn't seem to be that. Does anybody have any other ideas please? Thank you.
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