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Found 13th Apr
Hi my washing machine has broke today (waking up Friday 13th and a pool of water coming out your machine really says good morning when your trying to get ready for work!) Anyway, the machine was there when I moved into the property and it turns out is only 2.5 years old. I have phoned the company and they tell me because I'm not the original purchased and therefore don't have proof of purchase that it isn't actually under guarentee. Is this accurate?
They have informed that if they come out to look at it I should take out their care plan which is £26/month on a 12 month plan and that covers call out and repair and if they can't repair they'll replace. Personally this seems quite steep??
Anyone able to offer any advice. It seems quite a lot to.pay over £300 for only 12 month warranty. I could probably get a new machine for that price with 1-2 year warranty and it seems Currys and jl charge around £80 to up that to a 5 year Warranty

Any advice is appreciated
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same as me, had a Samsung from curry's and after 2 years a leak from the rear drum tub plastic. I hole about the size of a 20p

on googling, its a common problem on 4 makes of washing machines and bekco <spelling, seems the drums go after 18 months.
I went and got a logic 7kg for £150 washing machine as not worth any service costs.

I stripped the whole washing machine and no one 3 times listed on ebay want the door, controls, front drum, ect , so that tells you to move on and get a new one.
Possibly a blockage in the outlet pipe or the wee pull out (twist and turn) drain below on front or back....sometimes coins, bra wires, fluff etc get clogged there? Also....the bottom of rubber door seal...check in the grooves.
See link:


may help Good luck!
It might be a door seal thats split, easy repair just a bit fiddly if it is
A warranty (aside of any consumer rights) is given by the manufacturer to the original purchaser and can only be transferred IF the terms of the warranty say so. Basically the terms of the warranty can be whatever the company have made at the time the contract was formed.

Consumer rights on the other hand give much more but sadly, again, only to the original purchaser.

You would be better off not taking their plan and buying a new machine (on a credit card), that way you get much more protection should things go wrong outside of the normal warranty.

If the options by the other posters don't help you could try googling the issue and see if that gives a fix.
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Did it leak continually or only when running?
Agree with the earlier comments that you no longer have a warranty unfortunately.

I would have a quick look at the machine and see if it is anything obvious that you can fix yourself.

If you can't find anything I would buy a new machine (with a new warranty) rather than pay £300 for a possible repair.

Edit - buy a German brand if you can afford it.
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Look at door seal and if its leaking at the bottom turn it around until you get a new one.
Don't bother with scam plan. Most likely a leaky seal, If not it could be inlet valve. Both usually fairly cheap fixes. If you're not confident enough to fix yourself then perhaps a friend or family member might be? If not there is probably a local repair company that will fix it cheaper. However probably best just replacing it. They don't make them like they used to. You can get a new Beko for around £179. I wouldn't spend more than £50 repairing one. You could get a second hand one off Facebook forsale sites for that etc. Unless it's an high value machine?. My guess it's probably either Hotpoint/Indesit or Hoover/Candy?.
See if you can identify the issue, google the model number. Drain the machine using the water drain at bottom of machine (twisty thing) then unscrew and you will probably find a sock or something has got in there. If it’s something else then take a look at espares.co.uk you can buy all the parts and there are plenty of videos online to guide you through most things.
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