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Found 10th Jul 2006
Anyone know of some top deals for a decent washing machine?

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If you want a quality, reliable washing machine, I think the Bosch branded are best. They do cost more, but save you money in the long run.

What's your budget Del?
I totally agree with Ray about the Bosch appliances - they are excellent, all I'll ever buy.
We've had a few brands of tumble dryer and washing machines.

Hoover used to be my preferred brand as they were easy to dismantle and fix if they broke down.

White Knight are very good for prices, but they were only reliable for at most two years and the last one we had, the drum broke off the drive plate making it too expensive to be worth repairing.

Bosch are a quality build, especially their tumble dryers. Most other brands you can move the drum by hand easilly, the Bosch is like trying to get a Rolls Royce engine to turn over using a half inch spanner [maybe a little over exaggerated there lol].
Think im looking around the £300-£400 mark.

Problem i've got with my current machine is that it keeps blocking up (socks somehow sneak from the drum into the drainage part and im constantly calling out british gas to repair.

Basically Im looking for an economical machine with a big drum so I can do less washes.

Well, if you want to go for a decent Bosch, with 1600 spin speed, AAA+ energy rating, cold fill only and 3% cashback if you buy through QuidCo.Com


][COLOR=blue]£393.02p including delivery[/COLOR] less about £15 for QuidCo making the total around £378
If you live anywhere near Peterborough then it's worth a trip to the Hotpoint Factory shop here which is open on Fridays and Saturdays as they knock them out for just over £100. Also have integral washing machines for £160 and Washer/Dryers. Even if you're not that local, it's worth the petrol here for the money you'd save.
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