Found 28th Jan
A little while ago I popped up into my loft to get something out of storage.

As I was getting said item I noticed what looked like small drops of bird mess or similar on the loft boards near the chimney, looking up I was faced with what I assume to be a wasps nest. Now I confess in the last few years I have removed a couple of small golf-ball size nests (in april/may), complete with queens, but this is a different ball game, due its size and location.

According to the internet wasps don't re-use the same nest and that it should be vacant at this time, with a possibility of a queen inside.

It has to be said I don't like wasps, never have.

Is it something I can deal with myself (never been stung, but late mother and brother suffer with anaphylaxis - so assume I do) or am I better off calling in someone?

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Had exactly the same issue very recently, we noticed in Oct/Sept that there was a constant flow of wasps coming in and out of a small hole in the brickwork just below the guttering at the back of the house. Waited till just after the new year filled the hole with some expanding foam finishing with cement and covered the nest in the loft with a rubble sack, pulled it away sealing the sack with a zip tie and bined it then finished up hovering up some 200+ dead wasps laying around.

On a final note it's highly unlikely the queen is still there and the nest will never be reused.
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Air tight plastic bag and a kitchen knife. Slice it off into the bag and tie it up. Then just pop it in the bin outside. Will be cold enough to kill the queen. In more milder weather just pop the bag in the freezer overnight first.

Send for Winnie The Pooh Bear and hope he mistakes them for bees.

depends if they are there or not most likely not due to the wether. my sister had the same issue but it was summer they tried to get rid of them themselves at first but it was no use there were literally thousands of them. they probably manged to kill a few bags full but that didn't help. so they had to call in a wasp extermination guy for about 35 quid he came and used some nasty chemicals but didn't remove the nest which was about 6 to 8 feet high and similar in width.

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Just been back up and taken a quick picture, not easy to hold a torch to light the area and use a camera at the same time.


They will all be dead but leave in situ until the end of feb.

Then remove it if you want.

They do not come back to the same nest. Its perfectly safe to remove after the cold weather passes.

We have one in the loft now.


Oh.. I have a phobia of bees & wasps & I am definitely allergic so I will be calling in a pest control company to remove the nest @ a cost of £60 via the contractors that run the councils pest control jobs.

Check your local council for fees too. It seems to be cheaper that way.

thay doesnt look to big also seems like it's quite old as the spiders net hasn't got anything in it. u could take it down or just ignore it if it's old and hope they don't come and make a new one in a different place.

old guy pulls nest off ceiling quickly squashes it hard and fast with his bare hands kills all the wasps inside and drops it in the bin , worth a try maybe ?

If you want to be really sure get some 'Nippon' ant/wasp powder first and just cover the nest and surrounding areas with the powder, anything that goes onto the powder will be dead within a few days and then just put the nest in the bin or burn it on a bonfire.

we had an active nest in our loft. we had someone come out sprayed the hole with powder to kill them with. This was a few year ago nest still there and have never returned.

Spray with aerosol or even better hairspray, then poke it with a stick and catch in a bag. Most probably all dead anyway. Be prepared to make a run for it though lol.

I've removed several old nests like that from my loft over the years, always done it this time of year after we've had a few frosts and never found anything alive in them. While you're up there check the rest of the loft for any small tennis ball sized ones and remove those too.
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