Found 25th Jul 2010
Does anyone know how to get rid of a wasps nest? I have right by front door in a house i am renovating. I have not seen the nest but i have seen the wasps go in and out from under the door. The nest must be under the floor boards but i dont want to lift anything up until i know what i am doing!
Any help would be appreciated!

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only one way is to smoke them out and the block hole up..

We used 'Raid Fly and Wasp Killer' on 2 nests that we had in the garden. They were killed off in a very short time. However, we sprayed directly onto the nests entrance.

I think most local concils would remove it for you. It is a specialist job.Not sure if any charge

What about ringing your local council?

Our local Council (Chester, Cheshire) offer this service but make a one-off charge for it (£30 quid-ish I think)

Good luck

Oh, last year an old boy that calls to do my garden got stung and went into some sort of fit. We had to call the ambulance and the paramedics gave him an injection which sorted him out. He now has to carry an 'epi-pen' (??) with him in case it happens again!




p!ss on it

Oh thanks a lot . . . . . my 10 y-o daughter is asking for an explanation


p!ss on it


Def ring the council. Think it is environmental Health Dept. They will sort it out.

Wait until later in the evening, when all the wasps are in the nest and a gallon of petrol will do the trick.:D

If its not possible due to the location in the house then call your coucil. They have pest control officers who should get rid of it for free.:)

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thanks for all the sensible answers guys...might just ring the council!

and as for the non-serious certainly made me laugh!! haha

pest control.

My local council charges £57.50 or £10 if your receiving benefits..
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