waste ink pad in printer is saturated???

Found 11th Apr 2008
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Hard to say, what printer is it and how long have you had it? Some printers are good for allowing maintenance while others are hopeless.

ITs an epson r360 and little over a year old
Oh great thats all i need thanks for the replies
i took an epson 680 (i think) apart and cleaned it all out and just washed the sponge etc. and put it all back took about an hour or so but wasn't too difficult.
I did it on an Epson 580, it's messy but easy to do. Eventually you will need to reset the printer's counter. You will need the SSC Service Utility then
]see this guide looks like you can do this mod on the r360 too
new epsons like the one above don't have the big felt pad at the bottom. they have a very small pad that does the same job. when you get the service message you can use sscserve ( eserviceinfo.com/dow…tml ) to reset the counter. it will ask if you've changed the pad just say yes. (not sure if it supports the 360 yet but i'd guess it does.) if you have an older epson lying around you can pinch some of the felt to replace your pad but you can usually reset the counter a few times before the pad actually does become saturated

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