Waste of money? I think so personally.

Apparently first great western have installed tv screens on board their trains. Now i personally think that the money would be better spent elsewhere improving the service to customers. This isnt a dig at fgw but any train company that spends their money this way. What does everybody else think?

Story below.


This is on my train every so often. it's only a 1 or 2 carriages on a few trains..

But its all done by a third party - i'm willing to bet FGW didn't pay anything for this, infact, they probably got paid by the third party to add the service..

I never pay for the TV, but the free moving map/gps/speed stuff is cool :P

Edit: volo.tv/


It will just be just another advertising board, but one that can show many adverts, and of course a money earner for the company,

be sure they wouldnt actually spend money on anything


£1.50 for an hour isn't bad, if you don't have an iphone or laptop/netbook. As I don't use the train often it would be good, but for regular customers an improvement to the service would probably be a more appealing way to spend the money
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