watch advice, tag heuer 2000 professional

hi people just got a tag heuer 2000 professional watch boxed etc but looking to find out if its the real thing or a fake? i have model number etc but is there anyway of finding out off net?
if not im based in nottingham
thanks for your help


It should have a serial number on it's rear, should feel quite heavy and a crown on the side of the winder

If in doubt phone tag with the serial number

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do you have the number? :-)
it has all them

Model : WE1211-R
SKU : 223-13173

Go on to the tag website, the numbers there

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ok no problem thanks

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any other advice?

mine has WN2311-0
then a serial number, both sets of numbers are quite feint, there should also be a tag heuer indentation on the rear casing.
The clasp should have a TAGHeuer indented too, it should all feel heavy and quality....

Where did you buy it? Did the person/company give you assurances?

Post some pics if you can so we can have a look...

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got it off ebay but the seller said if it aint real he refund
but the seller said he got if off ebay and is sure its real but i dont no if to trust.
ill try and give pics asap

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looks like item number
but silver face

Go to and ask there in the Tag section.. These guys know everything there is to know.

Take front on, slight angle, back and side shots of the face and case and they will be able to tell you right away.

Going by the pics on ebay and his feedback i'd say it's genuine....

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hi sorry thats not the one ive got thats same but silver face

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thanks for website
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