Watch Blade Runner movie for FREE online

Found 20th Dec 2009
Thought it would be good to let you know that you can watch Blade Runner the movie online for FREE at…er/

Great film if you have not seen it. Now no excuse. Its FREE!

Also a few more free films, visit:…lms

They include: Dances with Wolves, The Blue Tower
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why cold?
i think possibly everone knows already about iplayer, blade runner was on TV last night so its on iplayer for a few days..
not sure if people see it as a deal TBH
You can watch Life in 1080p on BBC iplayer too, but it is not a deal.....

It's a nice heads up though, I caught the last ten minutes of it last night and was kicking myself, I didn't think it'd be on iPlayer.

I've never sat down and watched the film properly, loved the game though.
are we really gonna start getting iplayer deals every time an average film is on the bbc lol
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