Watch bracelet adjustment costs

Posted 1st Mar 2011
Does anyone know how much high street jewellers charge to resize a watch bracelet?
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it costs like £7 i think can't you do it yourself?
not in my experience. They tried to charge me £7.50! Bought one of these off ebay! 280637405965
£5 at our local jewellers, free if you bought it from there
I bought one of the little toolkits (£6) and do it for family and friends now for free
Yea its removing 2/3 links from a new watch.
Unfortunatly i cant remove them myself the pins are fairly set (Omega style bracelet), need a screw tool rather than a hammer jobby (as i dont have a good enough jog and dont want to damage it) will get myself a toolkit methinks :P

ta folks!
omega style are a bitch to change, espec if you get the pin slightly out of shape you're buggered!

We've got one of them little watch booths in town and the guy charges a fiver.
If you have a jeweller place in your local argos, a lot of them do it for free. Just ask nicely.
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