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Found 27th Jan
Hi, so my brother has bought a watch and has been trying to figure out how to remove the links himself, normally this would be simple but ok this watch the links look like a "flat head" screw, so wondering would he unscrew the link or tap it out he has all the tools, thanks if anyone has any idea cheers
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If it's anything like mine, it does look like flat head screws but they're not. If you look on the inside of the watch strap you should see some arrows. If there is then the arrows point in the direction of the way the pins push out. Hope this helps
I've just looked at my watch and it has arrows on too. Still wouldn't have a Scooby doo how to take links out (they did it in the shop for me but that's another story). Have you tried timpsons?
Post a pic of it?
I've had a look and there's no arrows on the entire watch I know normally there's arrows I will try upload a pic shortly thank you!
I bought a watch tool kit online for about £2-£3. Had all the bits needed to remove links. Save myself £50+ so far
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