Posted 5 October 2021

Watch Musings, Deals, Opinions & No Doubt More

As suggested by I am posting a discussion where watches can be discussed in general, likes, dislikes, thoughts, opinions, deals, brands and otherwise.
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Some useful stuff we can add to..

Creation Watches shipping info ( )
Add quick-release to strap guide
Strap vendor bookmark
Longines VHP adjustment

Ali strap reviews
Ribbed Nato/ Bisonstrap
Hemsut horween
Suede jobbie
Croc/ gator strap review
Eache woollen strap

Useful codes to try
zuludiver10 - 10% off
newsletter / guide - 10% off WG
leather15 - 15% off WG 2+ leather straps
welcome10 - 10% off Geckota
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eBay watch selling advice

Resource for wristwatches courtesy of (not working in DuckDuckGo, but will if copied/pasted into Google Chrome:

As it says, serial number decoder for various watch brands & guitars ( ) courtesy of :

Baldricky's guide to advanced ebay seller's hub + video.
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  1. gregives's avatar
    Anyone looking for spring bars, I bought these from AliExpress and they seem pretty good quality. I bought 270 pieces from 8–25mm with 1.8mm diameter. Total was £5.74 including shipping & taxes.

    52021083_1.jpg52021083_1.jpg (edited)
  2. Baldricky's avatar
    As I was just modifying a strap to take quick release spring bars, I thought I would do an idiot's guide based on how I do it, for anyone who was thinking of doing the same and had not previously given it a go. Note: when it comes to the drill and scalpel, new and SHARP is a must to keep things tidy as the leather naturally wants to fray.

    1. Sharp pointy scalpel.
    2. Sharp 1.0mm to 1.25mm metal drill bit.
    3. Toothpicks or sections of coffee stir sticks.

    First off, just offer up the quick release spring bar to the strap and dab a couple of marks on the strap indicating where the spring bar slider slides from and to.

    Slide toothpick/wood into the spring bar hole and use drill bit by hand to twiddle the drill bit (technical term ) to drill a hole through the leather at each of the two dots. Note the red ring indicating second hole and green lines indicating two tiny scalpel cuts. You will feel and see the drill bit start pulling out sawdust, confirming you are through and no damage to strap front. Once you have the two holes, open the slot with two small scalpel cuts on the green lines.

    Point to note is that the part of the spring bar that sits in the slot is the narrow neck indicated. So the slot only need be narrow.

    Once the slot is cut, push the spring bar in as far as it will go as depicted, then just ease the other end of the leather over the end of the spring bar at the spring bar button end.

    Then that's it, job done.

    Footnotes: ideally there would be a very sharp punch available to cut the slots, but I am not convinced it would be very easy to use as it would be all a bit fiddly punching on a radius. Some straps have recently shipped from Watchgecko with plastic pins in them, which could be used to drill against instead of a toothpick. Personally I like having the drill cutting into the wood, but that's just me. (edited)
  3. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Can confirm that haggling Cashconverters works. I sent them an offer of 25% less and they accepted within a few mins lol. It wasn't a huge amount in the first place, but every little helps
    jim157's avatar
    Great to know.
  4. Baldricky's avatar
    Following on from an earlier question, I have just spoken to eBay CS and found out how to add videos to eBay listings using the advanced Sellers Hub. Whilst the ability to add videos to listings may not come as news to some, I know it will to others. At this point I will mention that the advanced Sellers Hub is far more detailed than the classic view and has a whole bunch of data and options that are not in the classic view, not least of all sales stats by year, month, Etc. . So to get the advanced Sellers Hub, do as follows and could someone check it works?

    a) Go to your main eBay page.
    b) At the top left you will see "Hello Your Name"
    c) To the right of that you will see "Help & Contact". click on it.
    d) On the page that pops up, in the field "Search eBay Help"... search on Sellers Hub.
    e) Click on the "Seller Hub" button that appears
    F) You are now in the Advanced Sellers Hub and you can add videos and more. You can also click the "Opt out of Seller Hub" to opt back out if it's not to your taste.

    Lastly, who knew that this function or advanced Sellers Hub existed? (edited)
  5. gregives's avatar
    Geckota Chronotimer reduced to £99…new

    I also had a popup for a free strap on their website today!
    Baldricky's avatar
    Now that's a Billy bargain! It's just a shame it has those sub dials. That's better now.

    51115394-KT2AU.jpg (edited)
  6. t78's avatar
    I'm on the lookout for a cheapish white dial strap monster. Needs to be 20mm lug. This one's prob a bit too dressy tho.

    Looking back the Breil that someone (?) found looked perfect.
  7. windyshaner's avatar
    Good price & a good choice
    Here's mine on a Hemsut strap.

  8. gregives's avatar
    There are some great deals in the Beaverbrooks sale, here are my picks below £500

    Bulova Surveyor open heart automatic £175…h/p

    Citizen Promaster titanium £239…h/p

    Bulova 262kHz chronograph…h/p

    Duckworth breguet automatic £249…h/p

    Citizen full lume automatic £279…h/p

    Citizen radio controlled chronograph (quite dressy!) £279…h/p

    Seiko Speedtimer £360…h/p

    Tissot Seastar automatic £476…h/p

    Seiko Alpinist limited edition £480…h/p

    There are definitely some good deals on more expensive watches as well, I just don't know as much about them!
    bob-mk2's avatar
    Huh, I didn't know Citizen did radio-controlled.
  9. gregives's avatar
    Good price for the Sugess ST19 chronograph, £90 delivered with code UKAP08 (a bit more for the swan-neck version)

    The lug-to-lug is 51mm so not for small wrists!

    There seems to be lots of good deals so I'll follow up with links, use codes UKAP08 above £59 or UKAP02 above £19…kWT…odp…5hl…Lyj (just black)…zGF…Uyr (edited)
  10. Yetiboy's avatar
    Surprised the Christopher Ward sale hasn't been put on here yet. Lots gone today but they keep adding more at random times. Will probably be on for a week so keep checking if there's something you're interested in…=72
  11. Baldricky's avatar
    Just an update on my cheap 2nd hand modified watch winder that now charges Kinetic watches as well. That's been 6 ish months of intermittent use, with zero issues. SHORT VIDEO HERE


    I was prompted to do an update as I stumbled upon the images I took of the modified cog, so here goes.
    These are the three components that connect the motor to the rotating section that holds the watch with the three cogs being on the motor side.


    These are the three components assembled. The three cogs with rubber boot inside the three cogs housing attached to the rotating section that holds the watch. These means as the motor rotates, the watch housing rotates at a constant speed.


    This is the 3 cog housing attached to the rotating section that holds the watch.


    This is the modified 3 cogs (now one cog) and housing (now one section). In the finished article I cut the boot rubber and super glued it on the one cog. Now as the cog turns, the cog lifts the one section of housing, rotating the watch, then as the cog reaches the top of its rotation, the housing falls and the watch swings from side to side as it waits for the cog to catch up. The “bounce” you see as the cog starts to rotate the watch up, is the rubber booted cog engaging the housing. This whole jerkier movement is what’s required to wind a Kinetic watch as the rotors need a bit of oomph.


    I added a video. (edited)
    bob-mk2's avatar
    That's a really clever hack.
  12. gregives's avatar
    Lots of Hamilton watches on TK Maxx this morning starting at £400, including a field watch, two GMTs and an automatic chronograph!…e=0

    51035041_1.jpg (edited)
    Baldricky's avatar
    I am guessing the field is the 44mm H70625533.

  13. gregives's avatar
    Decent price for some of the Timex Q watches with code ELF30…200…200

    These are the only watches with a double reduction, all other watches are 30% off RRP, which is still pretty good if you've had your eyes on one!
    t78's avatar
    Hey nice spot. I always liked the 1978 (pseudo birth year watch?) but I think it's too similar to my sw200 mondaine. Plus there's no way that second hand is hitting the markers
  14. gregives's avatar
    If anyone is near Nottingham, there are some good reductions in TK Maxx!

    £73 for these two (surprisingly small) Luminox watches

    £580 for this Hamilton Broadway GMT

    £508 for this other Hamilton GMT

    Northernlight's avatar
    Just been in my local TKM, nothing but tacky fashion watches(annoyed)
  15. louiselouise's avatar
    Not sure how bargainous these two are, when comparing them to Jomashop prices, but these have cropped up on TK Maxx.

    Rado R22862735 Coupole Automatic Diamond Markers White Dial Ladies Watch
    £640 TK Maxx (5 left)…559
    $649 Jomashop…tml49298781-rIh4Z.jpgTissot Couturier Black Dial Black Leather Quartz T035.446.16.051.00
    £160 TK Maxx…676
    $150 Jomashop…tml
    49298781-MGg3b.jpg (edited)
  16. t78's avatar
    20% off WatchNation on eBay..
  17. jim157's avatar
    So I pulled this out of the watch box last night to discover that the battery had died. So usually this wouldn't be a problem to remove a screw on caseback but this efv100 had other ideas. I tried the two prong tool, the three pronged tool and the bergeon rubber ball to no avail, it was stuck solid. I thought I'd do a quick Google and came across someone using the upside down can of compressed air trick to freeze the caseback and hopefully loosen it.
    I found an old can of lighter gas and gave the caseback a blast for a couple of seconds, and boom! The caseback unscrewed easily....

    52304404-wheJI.jpg (edited)
    t78's avatar
    Such an unfussy look
  18. PhilthyPhil's avatar
    This or a dress KX?
    Or just keep going with my modded Seiko solar starfish diver? Decisions decisions
  19. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    Quite a few Pagani Design watches included in Prime Day sales. Not sure how they compare to AliExpress sale prices, but quite useful that you can get them shipped from a vendor such as Amazon. I presume it will be much easier to return should any issues arise. I know homages aren't for everyone, but I don't mind them personally. There's many more on offer that I've not included. Unfortunately no BB58 homages, which is typical as it's the only one I actually want

    Example 1, Homage to Omega's Seamaster 007? £91.20


    Example 2, Homage to Tudor Black Bay 36? £83.19 with voucher.

    6754418501657627662.jpg (edited)
  20. louiselouise's avatar
    Not going to blow anyone's mind but this Seiko 5 SRPG63K1 "cement dial" matches Creation Watches' price - give or take a few pence - £147.30 Used, Very Good from Amazon Warehouse…ALL
    49423387-7gTfO.jpgThere's also this SSA295K1 Used - Good for £158.94 (and it's large, at 41mm) but not sure it's that great a price…c=1
    49423387-pCynA.jpg (edited)
    bob-mk2's avatar
    Is the cement dial like the meteorite dial, but for people with a mortgage? (edited)
  21. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    Hey guys! I've had a lot going on and haven't been posting much lately! My apologies!

    Heads up for anyone after the Blancpain X Swatch. Pop up shop erected in Trafford centre for tomorrow's launch!

    They look much higher quality than the MoonSwatches in the flesh. They're surprisingly cool looking! Automatic too!

    CalmerChameleon's avatar
    The bezels are shiny plastic (bioceramic?) giving it a ceramic look and the mineral crystal is shiny and clear. The fact that they also have a viewing back makes them look much classier than the Moonswatch imo. However, the designs look more 'boring' but I guess there wasn't much they could do given they're based on the 50 fathoms (aside from different colours).

    I personally like the yellow one. The colours really pop on that on and the contrastive colours look really cool. The other are a little more 'sensible'.
  22. bob-mk2's avatar
    Relating to the last 2 posts: I had to return a defective watch to AliExpress and it was pretty much the same experience as returning to Amazon:

    Online complaint form with a couple of pictures
    Preprinted label to take it to the post office
    Dropped it off Friday, money in my account on Tuesday

    No complaints from me!
  23. gregives's avatar
    Quite a few new watches on TK Maxx this morning, including Wenger and Hamilton. Nothing that particularly stood out though…800
    t78's avatar
    The bracelet on the Wenger will fit the auto if anyone's interested

  24. Northernlight's avatar
    Nice Pulsar solar in Amazon warehouse.…c=1


    Solid link bracelet by the looks of it too. If the scratches really are minor then that’s a heck of a bargain.
  25. gregives's avatar
    I'm going to spend the weekend creating listings on eBay for my many watches that I don't wear. Is there a way of knowing when reduced fees are available, and which offers are best?
    bob-mk2's avatar
    (From )

    My advice is to take lots of photos now, create the listings and save them as drafts and also in Word as your 7 drafts disappear after 30 days.

    Deals come around every 2 weeks, usually.
  26. Baldricky's avatar
    Just a heads up for the tinkerers that on Amazon the well rated HOTO precision screwdrivers are heavily discounted and then 30% vouchered. These include the 28 bit manual cased set for £21 ish with the 30% voucher added on top of the discounted price. I also noticed that if you put the discounted £12.97 24 bit set driver in your basket with the 28 bit set, the 30% (or some other additional discount) comes off that set as well. So both sets for £30.46

    51597067_1.jpg51597067_1.jpg (edited)
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Just saying that the 28 in 1 set is still available with a 50% voucher, making it 20 notes. Not too shabby.

    I've got the ifixit set with 64 precision parts and a bendy stalk for screwdrivering in very tight spots! The thing is very well made and priced decently:

    iFixit Mako Precision Bit Set, Bit-Set with 64 Precision bits (4 mm) to Repair Electronic Devices…ElI

  27. t78's avatar
    Thankfully the land tortoise is out of budget.. now if there was a code to apply I'd have a problem!
  28. Baldricky's avatar
    Having always liked the Promaster BN0150-10E and 28E on a non fitted end link bracelet, I took a punt on an eBay offering costing £12.45 delivered. Strap was tracked and arrived in two weeks. Having fitted the strap a couple of days ago, my feedback is as follows and the verdict is, well worth the money.

    Bracelet weight 74g. Links may well be solid as it feels as such and there are no telltale joint lines on outside edges indicating links being formed. Brushed finish is uniform. Polished sides. The pressed clasp is basic but works well. No micro adjustments. All link pins pressed out and back in nicely. Quick release spring bars are ok but I changed them for a pair with a marginally bigger diameter that fitted more snuggly. 20mm width is full length with no narrowing at the clasp. Thickness approx 3.25mm which suits the watch IMHO. End links could be a tad closer to the case but a long way short of being a show stopper.

    49127237_1.jpg49127237_1.jpg49127237_1.jpg49127237_1.jpg49127237_1.jpg49127237_1.jpg49127237_1.jpg (edited)
  29. tonyspoons's avatar
    50320677_1.jpgTurns out using your phone camera through polarised sunglasses is good for cutting out glare on watch shots, hadn't occured to me before! (edited)
    jim157's avatar
    Who do think you are, David Bailey? 😏
  30. ezra.poundland's avatar
    Ok, Im hooked. My quick watch story for ya'll. Presently only own some cheapo fitness watch to count my steps but have just ordered my first watch for over 15 yrs. I'll show ya that when it arrives. Used to have a pretty decent £400 + Tissot but the ex wife knicked it and sold it when we got divorced. Once owned some tank like Russian sailors watch that i found in Munich in the 90's and lost it when I was still living with my mother in my early twenties. Would love to find something similar had a hammer and sickle on it and either a warship or a submarine on a white/cream dial. Anyway I fancy a few £30-100 watches to get me going down this crazy watch lovers journey Any ideas? Oh and I did a few jobs as a joiners mate in Watches of Switzerland owned shops down South last yr....OMG some beauties in there aint there.
    Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    First of all, welcome to the watch world. Do you know what sort of watches you're interested in? Divers, dress watches, digital etc. I'll list a few that might take your fancy.

    Diver - Casio duro - Quartz, price £50-70

    A well regarded watch by Casio. Tons of people love this as a budget daily beater watch. It's on the cheaper end of divers but has a decent reputation. Funnily enough, Bill Gates owns one of these.

    Dress watch - Orient Bambino 2, automatic, secondhand £100

    The Orient Bambino 2 is a really beautiful watch and features an automatic movement. If you're not familiar with automatics, they're charged by movement of the wrist instead of a battery. They're often more expensive than quartz, but offer a different type of "tick", which is a smoother motion.

    Digital - Casio F91-W, £10

    This is a classic Casio watch that gets plenty of attention. I own a few and they're great watches to use when you're doing a task that might be a bit too risky for more expensive watches. No collection is complete without one. (edited)
  31. L0L's avatar
    Nice find 🏻
  32. windyshaner's avatar
    Laco pilots type A & B
    Secret sales.
    But can't use domain because its banned

    Available on amazon as well for same price but no discount code…c=1

    47704295-JyEcP.jpg (edited)
    DaDip's avatar

    Replying to

    On Amazon at the moment, both type A and B for £155. non prime, so shows a 2 week delay for delivery. Going for the type A myself. (edited)
  33. windyshaner's avatar
    Citizen In Amazon Warehouse
    Two buying options.…8-4

    49844633-46OcZ.jpg (edited)
    SampleX's avatar
    Hmmm. Tempted... tempted...
  34. crazyfacedziggler's avatar
    Wow, nice find.
  35. L0L's avatar
    Finally been able to grab a Bulova Devil Diver for under £195 😁. Another 🍊 for the collection. Been after one of these for a while.

    There are a few Seiko 5's that can be had for under £85! Can't post as deal as don't allow code. There's around 3 on there that are reduced to £99 then to below £85 with the code. Works on anything. Sadly the decent discounted Seikos are OOS.

    SEIKO 5

    I'd be quick as most decent discounted watches are going OOS and not sure how long the code will work for.

    Also works on the SRPE53K1 I posted Give it some love!

    Post any other decent finds or purchases below. 🏻

    EDIT: just seen few deals posted above with code
    Atleast the Seiko 5s weren't mentioned. (edited)
    gregives's avatar
    I caved and also bought the Devil Diver, I've been wanting it for a while, especially the 41mm version
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