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Creation Watches shipping info ( )
Add quick-release to strap guide
Strap vendor bookmark
Longines VHP adjustment

Ali strap reviews
Ribbed Nato/ Bisonstrap
Hemsut horween
Suede jobbie
Croc/ gator strap review
Eache woollen strap

Useful codes to try
zuludiver10 - 10% off
newsletter / guide - 10% off WG
leather15 - 15% off WG 2+ leather straps
welcome10 - 10% off Geckota
eBay watch selling advice

Resource for wristwatches courtesy of (not working in DuckDuckGo, but will if copied/pasted into Google Chrome:

As it says, serial number decoder for various watch brands & guitars ( ) courtesy of :

Baldricky's guide to advanced ebay seller's hub + video.