Watch out for a new scam email from Abbey National

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Found 24th Nov 2008
Dear costumer of Abbey National Bank,

We have the pleasure to inform you that we are giving out £500 bonus to our 5 lucky customers. This is inline with our long history of fidelity to our customers through lucky draw from our database. Receiving this notification is because you are among the 5 lucky winners of the monthly prize. To receive the bonus click on the link below:

Log into your online bank account and get the bonus!
Note : all the information is required to get the bonus. Wait 48 hours and check your account!


Having an account with them I ALMOST believed it, but when I looked at their email address it said

[email protected]

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ta-warned dad-he's the sort of person would be fooled !

no doubt a few people will click - see £££ signs and all common sense goes out of the window:thumbsup:

you mean the bad grammar and spelling didn't tip you off? you had to check the "from" field?! :oops:

You'd have to be a greedy idiot to fall for this.

Original Poster

Its different to the usual "you have won millions" as £500 isnt that much, so you think maybe it is real, but im not a lucky person and if something seems too good to be true it usually is, shame could have done with £500 though, lol. I was posting so people wouldnt fall for it as not everyone checks for bad spelling and grammar, especially first thing in the morning, I know I didnt.

Supermod should be a huge clue that they are not Abbey National anymore.

magicjay1986;3555373 should be a huge clue that they are not Abbey National anymore.

Yeah, and in scam emails they have stupid spelling mistakes:

Dear costumer of Abbey

You would have to be really stupid for fall for any of these things which ask you for your log in details.
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