Watch out for halogen bulb deals - you might need them

    Britain's biggest retailers are defying an EU crackdown on halogen spotlights by stockpiling up to five years' worth of the popular light bulbs.

    On Thursday the EU began the first phase of its plan to ban the spotlights over claims they are wasting energy and harming the environment.

    They will eventually be replaced with LED versions which save energy and are cheaper to run, but cost more to buy in shops.


    Gotta love the EU..... oO

    I have to agree on this one, 500 watt halogen spotlights is madness in today's LED world.

    We have 3 garden spotlights consuming 30 watts as opposed to the 1500 watts the probably unaware elderly couple we bought the house off where paying for oO

    For cats sake... the more LED bulbs shops buy in bulk, the cheaper they get. They last eons longer too, that's the reason for it. The shops can sell more of them because they break, not that people want them.

    If LED bulbs were cheaper, why would anyone want a power hungry bulb?
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    ^ this
    some things the EU has done do not make sense
    the vacuum cleaner limits
    Farming subsides(the grand Brexit plan is to increase them ffs)
    this does

    not sure it's worth stocking up. halogens are old tech and leds are only improving. Ps I have a pile of 100w bayonet cap bulbs which were phased out by the EU a few years ago


    Gotta love the EU..... oO

    Yeah, they're a terrible bunch them lot, trying to reduce energy wastage, improve the environment, and save us all money. It was bad enough when they started with that nonsense about mandating that all phone manufacturers had to use Micro USB chargers for the same reasons. This is just taking the pss.

    funny seeing this, I was playing around with a FLIR camera earlier on and pointed it at our kitchen spotlight bar which has two Halogen and two LED GU10's - it was painfully obvious how inefficient the halogens were when compared with the LED's on a thermal camera and I can see their reasoning for having them banned.

    If I left every light in my house on, it would use less electricity than one 500w Halogen Spotlight.
    If anyone can't see the benefit of a 30W LED equivalent, they are a dinosaur.
    Even my car has LED headlights, including the full beams. Any bulb with a filament that is heated by passing a large current through it to generate light is outdated and frankly a waste of money.
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