Watch out for this company

    This post is to give everyone a headsup to a Kitchen company to not fall for the deals this company provide.

    The quality of the kitchens are not to what was promised and it can be viewed here.


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    Thanks for the warning about this company. :thumbsup:
    Have you 'lost' much?

    I hope you didn't lose much money if any at all, you have to be careful with new sites you've never heard of and to be honest, you should never deal with a company called "home style sucks".

    Based on there name, it doesn't sound like they're making a quality guarantee about anything...... quite the opposite.

    I think the warning is about 'Morris Homestyle Kitchens' - homestylesucks is just the URL of the site set up with all the information...

    Original Poster

    Thanks for this site I have made some good savings on this and since I don't want anyone to loose money like me, this is the reason I posted this website.

    The figure is around 8k5 and I would not even say it is worth half that value, due to the poor workmanship.

    I know this is time of year a lot of people look for this a new kitchen, but a lot of companies are not reliable and please just use common sense unlike me. If you want something make sure it is written down on paper and do not sign any contract if you are unsure.

    thankyou for the warning.

    Too late for some, I admit, but here's some good advice:

    Never sign up 'on the day'; a reputable company won't mind if you ask to think things over for a few days - the bad ones will insist that you sign there and then.

    Never sign anything until you've thought things through for a couple of days, even if you're told that it's only a 'pre-contract agreement'. A good company will only need a contract signing, and only when you're ready - the bad ones will try & get you caught in a contract by any means possible.

    Never pay up front; again, a good company will never ask you to pay in full first - the bad ones always do. Asking for a deposit is OK, but NEVER the full amount.
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