Watch out if you bought PAYG phone from O2.

Found 7th Jan 2009
Just checked my credit card for recent transactions and saw a £30 charge for O2(UK)LTD PREPAY a mobile phone top-up, now since I am on O2 -CPW contract and have never topped up an O2 mobile phone, this is a fraudulent transaction.

Just a heads up for those that got the Nokai 2630 from O2 a few weeks ago - this is the only transaction that seems to be out of place.

There is a thread on MSE for anyone interested.…e=1
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Thank you.
Have you told your bank/card issuer ?
You need to get your card stopped and a new one issued, if it's been used once it'll get used again (I work as a fraud investigator for one of the networks). Sometimes they try them once and then leave it a while before blitzing the card. . .
Have had a couple for Vodaphone on different cards as well, with one off transactions. it looks automated to me somehow because it is just that one transaction.Once informed the Bank will automatically stop the card and issue a new one so make sure there is nothing you need it for immediately
I have told them but they havn't stopped the card. Just told that this would be forwarded to the frauds department and thats about it.

I think I need to ring them again and tell them to stop the card.
I had a fraudulent charge made on a credit card for O2. Their fraud dept. was next to useless; forunately, my credit issuer was far morew effective in dealing with things for me.
Just got a call from my CC company and some little fraudy f*cker tried to buy Napster music tracks and some stuff from a computer software firm in France.

Got my card cancelled and sent out a new one - luckily I check my credit card statement online at least 2 or 3 times every week!

I suggest EVERY one does this.
A while back there was phone calls to O2 customers trying to get them to give their details claiming they were the CPW. I had one or two and told them to sod off, if I needed anything i would ring them.

Rang CPW to to enquire, he looked up my call history and it did indeed say CPW so he went to check and came back and said that CPW do not have or use that number so it can't be them and in any event they would never ring to ask for details so there is def something fishy at the mo,
If I ever get my hands on this little pr*ck i've kick the f*ck out of him - as a warning.

They are lucky the prisons in the UK are a bloody picnic!
I recieved two payment taken out from O2 Which made me overdrawn twice! Never gonna use Abbey
disputed on september, letter recieved December. Two awful company!, o2 charged me both £35 -.-;
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