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    Can anyone recommend a wireless device for watching sky plus in the bedroom. Since having sky plus put in our old wired extension no longer works, probably due to the engineer pulling all his weight on the cable to get it through hole in the wall to save drilling another hole! We have now removed all the old cable, so need to install something wireless please


    Get a high frequency sender kit as this isnt affected by wireless broadband or microwave ovens.
    Cheaper if you shop around but this gives you an idea.…672

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    Thank you very much, very helpful.

    get the digisender from argos, if ure not happy with it then easy to return

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    Thanks, I have just read the reviews and this seems to be an excellent product.

    Many thanks for your help

    You say it has not worked since you have had sky+.

    The output frequency of the RF2 on the box is probably different, and the RF2 power is probably switched off(Default) thats why the little sky eye or tv link'd LED is not on on the little mouse thing in the bedroom.

    To change the frequency and turn the RF2 voltage on, on the sky remote in front of the sky box access the hidden installers menu by pressing .

    Services - 4 0 1 Select

    In that order, you won't see much change on the box until you press the last select after the 4 then 0 then 1.

    In that menu, you can change how the RF2 works to the bedroom tv.

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    Thanks for the replies I have read the forum notes and am still not sure what I will end up doing.

    In reply to turning the RF on I have already done this. I think it's deffinately down to the sloppy engineer pulling full strength on the cable ( he was prob 18 stone) instead of drilling another hole. Since my sky plus was installed apart from the bedroom connection not working I have had to have sky renew the sky plus cables and guess where the problem in the cable was? by the hole in the wall, so they replaced it, but didn't replace the bedroom connection, so may be thats the answer, to run new cable.

    Thanks again to all who helped.
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