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    Watch The Terminator Free @ BBC Iplayer

    Classic sci-fi action thriller about the battle between two time-travelling soldiers who arrive in modern-day LA from a future in which machines rule. One is a cyborg on a mission to seal mankind's fate by killing the mother of an unborn resistance fighter, the other a human who must destroy the seemingly unstoppable machine. (R)

    Broadcast on:
    BBC Two, 11:00pm Sunday 23rd May 2010
    First broadcast:
    Friday 5th June 2009
    100 minutes
    Available until:
    12:09am Monday 31st May 2010

    * Films,
    * Drama,
    * Action & Adventure,
    * SciFi & Fantasy


    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Sarah Connor
    Linda Hamilton
    Kyle Reese
    Michael Biehn
    Paul Winfield
    Detective Hal Vukovich
    Lance Henriksen
    Ginger Ventura
    Bess Mota
    Dr Peter Silberman
    Earl Boen
    Matt Buchanan
    Rick Rossovich
    Pawnshop Clerk
    Dick Miller
    Shawn Schepps
    Future Terminator
    Franco Columbo
    Punk Leader
    Bill Paxton



    Good film, nice to see films appearing on iplayer. So hot for that, shame they didn't put it on HD.

    well, go for the full films feed and download and watch within a few weeks


    i dont think they would put it in hd till the whole country get HD … i dont think they would put it in hd till the whole country get HD Freeview and also i dont no if the terminator is in HD yet

    No it's the best idea! They need to convince people that HD is better and many people don't have HD,so iplayer is their testbed. Yes it's available in HD on blu-ray.

    Can't watch it at the moment but I'll Be Back.......

    I'll get my coat - taxi for the Humph
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