Watchdog and penalty fees/charges for non direct debit payments

    Yesterdays watchdog, all uppty on their superior high horse had a good point.

    BT: £4.50/month surcharge for non direct debit payments
    British Gas: £13/yearish
    Virgin Media £3.50
    etc etc etc

    Easily £100+/year if you don't have most of your bills on DD.

    I like most people have my bills on DD, it's easier, convienent etc, but not everyone should not be forced.

    Watchdog made the point it only costs companies 50p-£1 per non dd payment in charges, so are mass profiteering on this, especially BT.

    So they have made this template letter to use to complain at these new charges and current charges which penalise current non direct debit payers in such a rip off fashion:…tml

    PS: Do not assume DD is 100% safe and secure etc. If a company takes thousands by mistake, your bank will most likely do nothing and tell you to chase the company for a refund, if it leaves you in the black or red defaulting on other payments charge your £40 per failed transaction due to lack of funds the bank will not care, such a DD mistake can cost hundreds and there is nothing you can short term leave your screwed if the margin on your finances is small. DD is far from perfect, I have known people screwed without apology from the bank or company involved.

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    I told Virgin Media last week they were penalising people who did not have or could not get bank accounts and the CS told me it was all perfectly legal and it was to cover admin costs grrrrrrrrr and unless its gone down it was £5 last week not £3.50 .As i was in the middle of changing banks i had to pay over the phone for one month when she added the £5 on i told her to cancel my account and she waived it bit stipulated it was only for that one occassion .

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