Watching Disney+ in the UK - Help!

Posted 6th Nov
Morning, I'm desperate to watch The Mandalorian on Disney+. Does anyone know a way to watch Disney + in the UK? Could you use a VPN? How would you make the payment? Thank you in advance for any help.
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People on reddit were using VPN's to get access to the beta trial that was running in the Netherlands a couple of months ago so I imagine you'll be able to do it with the launch service too. From what i read it was a bit hit and miss which VPN's worked with it though.
I don’t think it’s out (The Mandalorian) until the 12th btw a VPN should be able to access it but they will likely shut them down like Netflix do. Try some on free trials
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Tell yourself and really do it buy Disney+ when it comes out in the UK. Until Then use Google (when it's aired) I can say no more....
Use a vpn but do it on nov 12th, when it’s released. No point doing it now, cuz you only get a 7 day trial, & in that time they could work fast on denying vpn server access.
Roll on the 13/11/19 and Put stock in your Locker and it will appear.
As if by magic.
Watched today - There are ways obv., really enjoyed it - not disappointed at all
Download it via torrent.
It’s dead easy if you have an android phone. .

Created a US google account using Nordvpn. Add your UK paypal account. Download the app. Sign up. Then happy watching. £6.49 per month from your UK account after the 7 day trial.
Just watched the first episode, I would give it 6/10 so far.
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