Watching Don't Tell The Bride

    I've seen most of the Don't tell the Bride episodes and I can't believe that the birde and groom don't discuss before hand the type of wedding they want, venue, dress, church etc....

    The girl on now wants a country wedding so the groom is looking at venues in the middle of Manchester.


    I watched it with the the infamous las vegas fiasco. Watched 4-5 episodes after that and god it gets too repetitive for my taste.

    Same thing...they seperate...guy does totally different thing that the bride wont seems that this is gonna be a dreadful end and that they wont last...but wedding day comes and bride mostly loves everything and its all lovey-dovey again.

    I find it hard that a couple apply for such a program and never even discuss what they want in a wedding..stopped watching it and so did my wife.

    I saw that Vegas episode as well - and wow that was crazy. I reckon that guy has a lifetime of misery ahead of him after marrying her - she was one misery guts.
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