Watching downloaded content on your tv?


    I finally worked out a few weeks ago how to download a film to my pc.

    I just wanted to know how i can watch this on my tv.

    I know i can hook the laptop/pc to the tv with a lead, but i need to have the pc on, so may as well watch it on there.

    Is there a way i can watch a film downloaded on my tv?.

    Im not keen on watching films on my laptop so was wondering how i could do this?.

    What is a external harddrive?. Can one not be hooked up to a tv somehome?

    I think a film can be put on a usb drive, bu my tv has no usb thing on it :-s

    Thanks for any help as im a idiot, and have no idea what im doing, thanks :-D



    Where did you download it from?

    use an external hard drive

    Drag film onto your hard drive

    Take hard drive to tv.

    Plug hard drive into USB playback enabled blu ray or dvd player

    Bobs your uncle.

    If you havent got a usb playback enabled dvd player you can pick one up for about 20 quid


    inb4 you use torrents and get fined and they take your tv as payment

    have you got an xbox?


    Where did you download it from?

    None of your business


    inb4 you use torrents and get fined and they take your tv as payment

    will never happen,ever


    you want this if you haven't got the latest electronics with a built in USB




    None of your business

    Helps if you know what format it is and what DRM it has:roll:

    If it's an itunes download then it will obviously be different from some another digital download.

    Someone needs to chillax.:thumbsup:

    If it's a film you downloaded in AVI format you can burn it to a dvd+/- or cd as a data disc and providing you've got a divx dvd player you'll be able to watch it from there.

    you can use a play station 3, thats a quick way which is what i use as i can store films and music and photos both on my playstations hard drive and my two external hrad drives.

    some new TVs now come with usb in to put data on to watch on your TV, but the olny other way is pop in to pc world or comet and ask about media streaming but for that you will need to buy a media box around £100

    hope this help

    Western Digital TV Media Player

    have a look on Amazon at them

    xbox 360..............

    I download, then put onto a 16gb usb stick, put it into my divx player, then stream through hmdi cable, works great!

    Original Poster

    ok thanks everybody, i got it from utorrent?. i'll re-rad all this to take it all in

    Original Poster

    ok ive re read and i might try the ps3 thing and divx player thing

    i did try burning .avi to disk but it took to long then failed :-s



    You can't get anything from uTorrent, anyway so in summary you stole it.

    Battlefield 2 mod's are downloaded through torrents :thumbsup:
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