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Found 19th Jul 2008
Sad I know lol. I am looking to get some stuff from eBay and the remaining to complete build from MFI as they are currently still selling them. All on their everlasting sale lol

Last week it was 50% with a extra 20% off
Now its 60% off + extra 20% off (online!)
With Quidco running in at 6%

But I like to know this question about the sale
Noticed a pattren here on the % off offers.. anyone remember what sort of pattern they follow ?(or when the sale suppose to end with silly %'s off ie 75% off the high price)


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I find that MFI prices are best in November, they don't have any good offers but the price of the goods are reasonable.

Then these prices gradually increase during the next year along with the sale discount.

As an example I have a May MFI price list and the cost of a Grace double combi robe was £776 with 60% off = £465.60 take another 20% off for on-line orders = £372.48

Today the Grace double combi robe is £1,112 but now has £80% off which is £222.40 which makes today's offer better, surprisingly there is no 20% off for on-line orders, but this is only achieved by first marking up the price of the robe by 44%.

The Grace is an exception though because they have so much stock they need to shift it.

Now take another example the from Schreiber the Minori Walnut Tall Double Robe in May was £744 with 50% off = £372 take another 20% off for on-line which made the Robe £297.60

Today the Minori Walnut Tall Double Robe is £887, (a 20% increase in price since May) with nearly 60% off this is £354.80 which is nearly £60 more than in May, again surprisingly there is no 20% off for on-line orders which would have made the cost £284, only £12 better than in May.

So MFI are using non-selling items such as the Grace suite to make out that this is there best sale when in reality for people wanting to buy their more popular products will be paying much more for the items than 2 months ago.

If MFI were to re-establish the 20% offer for on-line orders then this would be slightly better than their sale in May but I think I'm going to wait until November when I expect very good offers.
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