Found 3rd Sep 2010
HI guys,
Whenever I watch a movie on the ps3 it is quiet when people are talking but blows the roof off with every other sound. Also the picture is always so small and i expect full screen, call me dumb but is there ways to change this without losing picture/sound quality?


downloaded or off dvd /bluray?

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blueray shanecr, cheers.

Maybe you have the bass on max?
And are you talking about the black bars on the top and bottom?

pressing triangle brings up a menu where you can adjust picture size etc i believe

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@ dark knight, yes the black bars top and bottom, and the sound, if this makes sense, i have it on say volume 10 for speech parts and have to put it to say volume 5 for music, explosions etc in the film.
@ shanecr, done all the triangle stuff and still no joy, end up losing half the picture, maybe its just me but if im playing a blueray film on a widescreen tv then I want to see the screen full like i would do when watching virgin or playing a game.

what film is it mate? and how do you have sound and video settings on the ps3 xmb? is it only the one blu that gives you this or is it more/all

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@ Peterdj41, I have watched Shutter Island and Repomen (my bad lol) and both films were exactly the same all the way through, half a screen and sound up and down like westbrom, messed with the settings on the ps3 and tv but nothing changed. Sound settings I will have to look into and get back to you if thats ok. cheers.


pic is meant to have black bars top & bottom


It's because most films are shot in Anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1 or 2.40:1) whereas widescreen TV's are 16:9 so unless you buy a super expensive Phillips Anamorphic TV or similar you are stuck with them.

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£4500, think I will put up with the black lines lol.

Yeah unless it's a super widescreen TV then you will always have the bars for a lot of things you watch.

And maybe you have the volume of your sub too loud?
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