watching TV online any help???

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Found 6th May 2008
ok, so i have been using for

itv 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
BBC iplayer for bbc programs

my question is can you watch bbc 1 / 2 / three live on the internet somewhere???

also skyone preferably any ideas people??? dont want to download them just watch live (i already know how to download ;-) )

thanks for any help you can provide.

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no, no, no and no. sorry. not legit anyway.

i've found a TV works quite well though for these channels :-p

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lol but i prefer using my moniter and having both on one screen and dont like tv cards as most are SHI*

still got a tv downstairs but not upstairs now.

I stream prerecorded programs... for example I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl online today, it only got broadcast in america 12 hours before!

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yeah for american i watch live or download about 2hrs after broadcast

ITV catch up is rubbish, can't fast forward on a show!

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you can fast forward!!!! or i can ... just not through the addys

zattoo has them and a few others depending on where you live.

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THANKS VERY MUCH cornish! works perfectly!!!!! thanks have some rep is excellent especially for sport. A lot of their stuff can only be watched on Internet Explorer.

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didnt ever get on with that site TBH as well as
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