Water Bills - Meter or single occupancy discount?

Hi Guys.
Im about to buy my first house on my own and wondered what kind of discount i can get and which will save me the most.

My current rented property costs me £40.36 a month on a normal tariff (no meter) but i was sharing it with my ex partner.

Now that I'm on my own I'm trying to work out if a single person tariff OR a meter will be best.

Looking on UnitedUtilities website it appears that a Single Person Tariff would give me the best saving, have i got that right?


I did the survey to see how much a meter would save me and it said i would still be paying about £370 a year where the above data says a Single Person Tariff would be £281.96.

Any help would be appreciated!


£370 seems a bit steep. I was paying that unmetered in a 3 bedroomed house with 2 adults. I've just had a water meter installed today but the calculations I did with Welsh Water said £20 a month and that was with us overestimating our usage.

With Welsh Water you can have the meter taken out within 12 months but after that it's stuck at the property and nobody can have it moved.

Ring up to see if your water company would install a meter and then remove it before the 12 months was up?

You can use the water meter calculator at CCWater.org.uk to see how much your water bill would be with a meter.
As long as you ask within 12 months you can have the meter removed free of charge and go back to a RV bill.

I think the £281.96 annual charge is ONLY if you have requested them to fit a water meter and it is impractical for them to do so.

If you ask for a free water meter, and they install it, for 12 months you have your water bills calculated according to how much water you are using - by the meter. At the end of 12 months you have to decide if you want to carry on with metered bills or go back to the original method of billing - based on rateable value of property. They will not remove the water meter after 12 months. If you eventually sell the property then the new owners will HAVE to have their bills based on the meter readings.

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