Water Bottle Slipping from Rucksack Pocket

Posted 9th Jan 2023
Is there a good way to elasticate a water bottle pocket to stop the bottle falling out? Thanks
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    An alternative to elastic is to stitch a piece of velcro inside the pocket and glue the other piece of velcro to your water bottle with a strong epoxy. We did this to our rucksacks when we did the Annapurna trail in Nepal a few years ago - mainly because of worry about the bags being slung onto the back of vans and trucks. It makes them a bit harder to get out on the move but when we were walking and needed them, we just used a rubbet grommet/carabiner attachment instead. You can get them from Amazon v cheap: amazon.co.uk/Pro…c=1
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    Wear a belt? Then one of these.

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    Got a link to those?
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    Put elastic bands around bottle is one option.

    Look up water bottle strap is another.

    And as for pocket..try threading elastic bands to give support (edited)
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