water damaged ds - help please

    my wee boys ds was dropped in the bath - dont ask - can anyone advise me how to get it working, the red light comes on when charging but ds will not switch on..



    i reccomend, if its out of warranty, open it up your self and dry it out with a hair dryer, or leave it in your boiler cuboard (not to close to the boiler obvs) and wait til its fully dried out, it might sitll work especially if the light is still coming on.

    take the battery out leave it in the airing cupboard or on a radiator for a few days then try it, i wouldnt reccomend trying to charge it after water damage

    yeah, just make sure its completely dry before charging

    1. you don't wanna shock yourself
    2. you don't wanna fry the board :P

    youve prob fried it by turning it on NEVER switch something on thats been in water just stick it in airing cupboard for a good few day 9/10 it will still work after that.

    your situation will be different as you tried to turn it on

    take apart what you can and put the items in rice for a week or so (totally cover the items) in the airing cupbaord. rice apparently sucks the moisture out.
    i have done this many times when children have dropped mobile phones in water and it did work. good luck

    A long time ago I dropped my pocket TV in a river, it slipped under the ice and drank a lot water before I could rescue it.
    Eventually came back to life after being left to dry for a couple of weeks.

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    i have looked high and low on net for step by step instructions, but cant find any, i have also ordered the screwdrivers that open it, may even look at changes the fuses?
    will see what happenes
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