water damaged ipod touch! replace or fix

Found 23rd Feb 2010
well my ipod touch fell in the toilet in nyc for 2 secs and it appears not to work

so i guess it was shortened
so do i replace it or are they easy relatively cheap to fix?

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Have you dried it out properly, done the bag of rice jobby?

Ive dried out 2 things that way that I thought were gone forever.
apple products and cheap to fix do not belong in the same paragraph
Hi, not sure how much to repair, but have you tried to let it dry? My niece left phone in a pair of trousers that went for a full wash in washing machine and wasn't working. They were letting it dry by letting in the sun....Mind you they are in Italy and it was summer.....Maybe worth a try if we get any sunny days.
you need dry heat, airing cupboard for example for a few nights to a week. in a bag of rice (uncooked of course) lol, then in the airing cupboard. unfortunately, if you tried to turn it on when it was wet it will have shorted out. Ive brought back to life a few things that way.
How did it fall in the toilet?

How did it fall in the toilet?

i was wearing a gap hoodie with big loose pockets on front which is where the ipod was
as i was unzipping myself it slipped out
was only in the "clean" water for a couple of secs
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