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Water leak from bathroom upstairs: Help to claim thru Insurance?!

Posted 15th Aug 2014
I have had the dreaded water leak through the kitchen ceiling and some 20 drops to the kitchen floor from the bath upstairs. I cannot be sure whether it's the silicon worn out at the edges or something else.It might need the whole bath taken out and investigated.
Has anyone any experience going to the Home Insurance for this ? Will they cover it and what are the traps I need to watch out? I assume my insurance premiums will go up a along way if I do But I may need to get it sorted properly for peace of mind.Any help and suggestion will be welcome.
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Call your insurance company, if they are a good company then they will advise on what to do. If you don't tell them and it gets
progressively worse then you could invalidate any claim.
Check your policy excess and if you think it's going to cost more than double that to fix, then call your insurance company-that's what we have insurance for after all. Note: sometimes they have an additional excess for water leaks, so read your policy excesses carefully.
Maybe best trying to sort yourself if it's a small one, and keep it out of insurers hands, you'll probably have a minimum excess of £250 (Usually £500 now) for escape of water - These excess's have shot up over the past few years.
Take off the bath panel and have a look under the bath, if its the seal gone you'll have water marks/stains on the wall which you should be able to see with a torch. If it is this then you should be able to get it done by a trades man for £50 to £75, much cheaper then the excess on your insurance would be. You do not necessarily have to use a plumber, a property maintenance or general odd job man would be able to do it.
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Call your insurance company, if they are a good company then they will … Call your insurance company, if they are a good company then they will advise on what to do. If you don't tell them and it getsprogressively worse then you could invalidate any claim.

I would not call your insurance company about this until you know that you will definitely claim, they are likely to bump your premium even for an inquiry, lots of info on this in the press.
get the heaviest person in ur household to stand in the bath whilst you inspect the seal.
We had a similar problem but we left it a bit too long and spent a small fortune repairing it ourselves with various sealants which all eventually failed.
In the end there had been some water damage to the floorboards which were replaced when we removed the bath altogether and just got a double shower unit instead - and properly tiled walls and floor.... so fingers crossed no more leaking haha

we didnt claim on the insurance as it would have cost more than the policy itself and the actual bathroom needed updating anyways.
Insurance will cover the cost of making good the damage caused by the water, but not the cost of repair. If you have trace and access them the cost of finding the fault could also be covered.
Just pop the bath panel off, get a torch and see where the water is leaking from, it could just be a loose pipe joint.
Something to be aware of; I had this problem due to silicon seal around the bath being worn and my insurance didn't cover it, had to replace the kitchen ceiling from my pocket. I'd suggest if possible you find the cause before you call the insurance.
had this problem a few years ago. got it fixed ourselves but then the ceiling in the living room directly under it fell off afterwards, (we had original beautiful coving all the way around). The insurance company refused to pay out as their investigators said if had been slowly leaking for a while and it wasnt their problem
So, I guess no one has tried to get it done using Home Insurance.
First thing I would do is make a small hole on the ceiling to let any water out, much easier to repair a small hole than to replace a hole ceiling that has fallen down because a load of water has been sat on top of it, then try and find the leak yourself and fix if possible. Check with your insurance company to see if you have trace and access cover if you can't find the leak yourself, or maybe get a plumber out to quote to fix the leak, and when he's found it, do it yourself ;-)
open the bath panel and shine a light into it to see if you can see where the water is coming from. stick your hand on the pipes to see if you can feel water. best fill the bath with water then let it empty. while it is doing this look under the bath.

if nothing from this then it will be the bath seal. you can look under the bath while someone poor water over the seal to see if water drips down.
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