Water leaking through internal beading on Window

Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 18 h, 40 m ago)
Hi, just looking for some advice and pointers if possible.

I've had an issue with water seeping in through the internal beading on a non-opening upvc window.

I've popped out the beading and noticed that the water was pooling on the part of the frame where the beading sits. There's then a ledge to an outer section where the packers site and the drain holes are (which appeared to be dry).

I've tried pouring water into that outer section and it drains without an issue, so that leaves me with a few questions.

1. Where could that water be coming from?
2. Should there be a drain hole on this inside section.

I've attached a couple of pics where hopefully it shows better what I'm trying to describe. One shows where the drain holes are, showing the small ledge between the two (best way I can describe, would be that if you took a cross section it would be like this UU.

The second image is to show where the water is pooling and explains why it's weeping through the bead.

4037072-8yDmK.jpgAny advice would be much appreciated.

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    Had exactly the same issue in the last 2 days. The rubber seals are really dry and probably need replacing. Was thinking of using clear waterproof sealant.

    Actually had a pool of water collect on the inside on the window ledge/shelf. Don't know if that was after we opened it (edited)
    Had similar, but as it's in porch, it could well have happened over a while (can't say it's top of my list of checks). Thanks for the pointer about the seals. I did a quick and they seemed ok, but worth another look
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    I think they're referring to the outer seals on the bead.
    That's why condensation can get past the seal and into the window cavity. (edited)
    Thanks, that makes sense.
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    Looks like the seals have gone, so condensation will build up in between
    Thanks, but excuse my ignorance in this area, do you mean the outer seals, or the seal around the glazing unit itself?
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