water not comming out correctly for my windoscreen on my car help

    Hi for somone reason when i try to squirt water on my screen very little comes out,i have filled up the container but still very little water,i have a 98 escort 1.6,just wondering if there is anything i can check.



    Might be frozen, you put screen wash in it with the de-icer?

    Check the pipe that attaches to the underneath of the bonnet (that connects the water bottle to the jets) to make sure that there are no folds in it.

    Get a small pin and 'gently' stick it in the washer jets, could be clogged up...

    It can either be it is blocked or you pump is away to die. I would say check the connection to your water container to make sure there is nothing blocking it.

    bit of ingress in the nozzel, faulty pump, like naeem saysz frozen?

    get a pin and rim it, see if it unclogs it

    perhaps the washer pump filter is blocked

    Is it coming out elsewhere before it gets to the jets, split / disconnected pipe somewhere???

    Blocked jets??????

    Pump duff???? take the outlet pipe off the pump and see if it comes out of the pump, then chase the pipe along checking at joints where you can (obviously whilst energizing the pump)

    Check the pipes from the resivior are fully on, might be leaking from there and loosing pressure.

    Try blowing air down the jets from a compressor like a tyre inflator.


    perhaps the washer pump filter is blocked

    Very likely:thumbsup:

    First test is to disconnect the pipe where it splits at the bonnet and see if water comes out when you operate the spray. If so you'll probably have to remove the bonnet lining and blow the pipes out/clean the nozzles from behind.
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