Water pressure too low for my dishwasher, so it keeps filling?

Posted 31st Jul 2009
Hi, I just got a new dishwasher 2 or 3 weeks ago. Ive had 2 engineers out to look at it. The problem is it constantly fills with water and keeps filling with water and wont stop, overflows, even during a cycle.

The engineers are saying the water pressure is too low to close the inlet valve.I got confused at this when they said its a solenoid, if its a solenoid then how come it needs water pressure to close? Shouldnt rested be closed? Even if that is the case then why isnt the machine draining before it overflows during a cycle? On the cycle Ive been testing it on it starts at 58:00 - goes to 57:00 then jumps between them. Then floods my neighbour downstairs. Its managed to do a full cycle a couple of times though. On some other cycles its just a definate no go.

Its a Beko DWD 8657

Any help/advice appreciated.
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