Water pump for Porsche Boxster

Found 13th Mar 2009
Have been quoted a price of £350 for fitting a water pump on a Porsche Boxster 2.7; I have confidence that the garage is respectable and honest. But would appreciate a second opinion on the price. I have researched the part price and comes in at £75.

PS: Is a possible that a previous owner would know that the water pump was broken or is it a part that breaks eventually anyway.
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Most of the cost is on labour with a water pump as it's normally in an annoying position. I paid £150inc labour to have one replaced on a Golf so given the fact it's a Porsche, it's probably not too over the top.
Water pumps wear and brake, just on of those things, previous owner likely not to know it was going.

Price sounds about right, Cambelt needs to come off and its funnily enough a horizontal engine so will have double cam to line up and 8 rollers including cranks and cams to feed round...

All to be done in enough space to fit a credit card.

Many thanks for the posts. I am happy that I have chosen the right garage.
sounds about right, i usually do my own repairs and i know from experiance they can be a real ****** to do
A VW/Audi specialist garage replaced my water pump after I complained of a leak, £125 later the leak was still present. I replaced the old jubilee clip and it fixed the leak :x
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