Waterloo Road

    Must admit that I love the show and have been watching it since the 1st series, does anyone know if the BBC have comissioned a 4th series.

    Thanks in advance.


    From Wikipedia:

    "According to Shed Media's latest Interim Report Results, a decision regarding the re-commission of a fourth series of Waterloo Road has been accepted. Waterloo Road has been re-commissioned for a further 20 episodes in 2008, which will bring the total number of episodes to 60. Filming is expected to begin around April/May and air in October. "


    can t wait :w00t::-D

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    Good to hear, it's one of them programmes that has you on the edge of your seat and makes you actually feel for the characters which is rare to find these days, the series 3 finale looks awesome next week.

    Gotta admit this series has been patchy, the rediculous death of the Geordie bird in ep1 that had been totally forgotten about by ep2, the unexplained disappearance of major characters, the annoying appearance of Neil Morrissey (who was the major character for about five episodes but since then has all but vanished bar the occasional line, the 'you've never seen this kid in the school before but they're about to have a major storyline' characters- it's a mess, and shouldn't work- but for some strange reason, it's still watchable and a weekly 'must see'. It does seem like expanding the series to 20 episodes was a strech too far for the production team, but just as Shameless had a rubbish third series after all of the major characters had quit, I think this may get better next series (or just turn into Casualty).

    Just how does a prostitute become a headteacher anyway? Presumably the newspaper article was about her being arrested, so she'd not have passed her CRB for the job lol!


    fianle next week?


    Episode 3.20 - Thursday 13th March @ 8pm on BBC1
    With nothing left to lose, Hordley decides to expose Rachel's past in front of a packed hall of teachers, pupils, and parents. Rachel leaves to clear her desk, convinced she's finished at Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, Hordley's a desperate man as he hangs around the kitchens, smoking like a chimney as he gets stuck into the cooking sherry. Tragedy is in store as he throws a smouldering fag-end into the bins. As the bin bursts into flames, it ignites a leaky gas canister and there's a a massive explosion as the gas ignites, sending a fireball ripping through the school...
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