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Watermelon and Lime Southern Refresher - £1.49 (20p meal upgrade) @ KFC

Posted 27th Feb 2021
KFC are launching a new drink called the "Watermelon and Lime Southern Refresher" to replace the full-sugar Pepsi that they currently serve.

It was due to be launched in previous years, however, was delayed by the pandemic (thesun.co.uk/mon…nk/ - now outdated information though).
This drink will be slowly rolling out in stores across the country, most should receive it within the next few weeks, and will cost £1.49 or with an meal, which already comes with a drink, for an additional 20p. The drink is currently likely to be removed after the summer however, based on the take-up, may become a permanent fixture on the menu.

The drink is quoted as the following:
  • Fizzy, fruit juice based drink containing no artificial colours or flavours
  • Only 12 calories
  • A flavour that compliments chicken

This will fully replace the full-sugar Pepsi when installed at a particular store, they are advising guests who try to order Pepsi to try "Pepsi Max" or "Diet Pepsi".
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    Now real pepsi is going from the menu....nuff said (edited)
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    Disgusting decision who do they think they are stopping regular pepsi the only thing i drink apart from coke i do not drink diet pepsi with its poisonous aspartame in it and disgusting taste. I have been a KFC customer for 34 years buying every Friday after work, I have already complained to them its the diet crap they should remove not regular pepsi. Whoever made that decision deserves all they get.
    Kfc products ALL OF THEM hence why they dont recommend kfc for under 12 or preganant ladies, all contain MSG. If you are worried about what youre sticking in your body...just saying thats worse!!!
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    Replacing pepsi with something that appeards to be mroe healthy sounds great, but then charging extra seems to defeat the purpose
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    Thanks for the heads up about this @WebWizard

    Looks a nice drink, hopefully it tastes as good as it looks.
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    Can I ask what you have usedexactly to sweeten this drink?
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    I had a bad allergic reaction, most likely to do with the poison sweeteners, why can’t you use natural sweeteners
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    What is used to sweeten this drink though? Tastes like its sugar free. Hopefully not aspartame. I'd even prefer acesulfame K. Don't have any bad reaction to aspartame but knowing its one of the worst sweeteners to use, I prefer sucralose if it has to be an artificial sweetener being used. Plenty other sweeteners that could be used: sucralose, stevia, erythritol, etc...
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    Isn't that the case with all organic/vegan foods?
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    Just tried this today, it's really nice!
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    Had the Watermelon and Lime Drink and it is so refreshing and tasty, tasty, very very tasty!😋😋
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