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Watermelon and Lime Southern Refresher - £1.49 (20p meal upgrade) @ KFC

Posted 27th Feb 2021
KFC are launching a new drink called the "Watermelon and Lime Southern Refresher" to replace the full-sugar Pepsi that they currently serve.

It was due to be launched in previous years, however, was delayed by the pandemic (thesun.co.uk/mon…nk/ - now outdated information though).
This drink will be slowly rolling out in stores across the country, most should receive it within the next few weeks, and will cost £1.49 or with an meal, which already comes with a drink, for an additional 20p. The drink is currently likely to be removed after the summer however, based on the take-up, may become a permanent fixture on the menu.

The drink is quoted as the following:
  • Fizzy, fruit juice based drink containing no artificial colours or flavours
  • Only 12 calories
  • A flavour that compliments chicken

This will fully replace the full-sugar Pepsi when installed at a particular store, they are advising guests who try to order Pepsi to try "Pepsi Max" or "Diet Pepsi".
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