Waterproof casing for usb stick?

Found 7th Aug 2017
Need something for my small memory stick this one

something durable and waterproof/weatherproof will spend lot of time outside, camping ect so, not many products that are made for this sorta thing and not sure what to type in for something i need
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A small zip lock bag will suffice. Use one with a little silica gel pack if moisture is a concern.
Corsair used to sell splashproof/waterproof memory sticks, not sure if they do them, Samsung do waterproof sd cards as well, either cost much more than a normal one.
I'm going to get a shedload of abuse for this but it bugs the holy bejesus out of me. (this isn't solely aimed at you op, just you use this abbreviation often). It isn't ect, it is etc. It is Latin for et cetera meaning and the rest. No offence meant. Putting my head back below the parapet now to dodge the outpouring of hatred.
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