waterproof cover for plaster casts

    anyone know of any websites these can be bought from?

    ive searched on google but dont know what sites to trust!




    Don't be so proud!

    Use a carrier bag!

    What companies have you come up with, I use a good company that do that sort of thing but can't think of their name at the moment.

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    lol i would use a carrier bag for in the shower but this is for my holidays so I can get in the pool!

    I bought one from a shop in Chester online, cost £24 but it's better than not getting in the pool!


    Dont want to me a miseryguts but:

    - Where are you going on holiday?
    - What kind of plaster is it? (good old fashioned pop or fibreglass).
    - What is the reason you are wearing plaster?

    These things are usually pretty good but youll have to have a backup plan if it leaks:

    - Where will you be able to get it removed / replaced if it all goes Pete Tong.
    - Will your insurance will cover such a event.

    I am of course only jealous that I'm not going on holiday - NHS doesnt pay enough :-)

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    1) cyprus - wahoo
    2) fibre glass i think but im gonna put a sock over it so it doesnt rip the thing
    3) broken my scaphoid - had plaster on for 6 weeks and had a new one put on today

    Should be fine.

    Check the insurance though & make sure you have told them that you are travelling with cast on - shouldnt affect premium but will avoid providing them with an "out" if you have to claim for anything !!!

    Have a good holiday

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    cheers Tomb I'm struggling to find insurance at the moment, all the usual places wont insure me

    ring the fracture clinic, they have info of products that might be useful. Not sure any will be capable of prolonged floating in the pool though...
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