Waterproof Digital Camera - Under £50

Posted 18th Sep 2010
I am going on holiday in the next couple of months and want to buy a waterproof camera. I had looked at getting the new Sony TX5 which is waterproof but prefer the zoom and general looks of the Panasonic TZ10 which I will be getting to take as my normal camera. I did look at those waterproof bags you can get (sold in Jessops) but I don't want to risk sticking an expensive camera in what is essentially a plastic bag!

So, I need to buy a cheap underwater digital camera. Preferably under £50 as I really only need it for the holiday. I have tried the disposible waterproof cameras before but last time I used them and went to get the film processed there was nothing there!

Any ideas?
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The cheapest you could pick one up for is about £70, a Fuji Z35 - Not the greatest of cameras, but considering the TX5 is £200+ - this will be the cheapest alternative

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