Waterproof Mattress Protector?

Found 9th Apr 2008
Hi there!

Does any one know where I can get a waterproof mattress protector for a single bed at a good price?

I have a daughter that is not quite dry at night and I don't want the memory foam mattress ruined through bed wetting.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!
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i got one in mothercare-netting outer and vinyl centre. Has been brilliant!
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wilkinsons!! They have them really cheap. About a fiver!!
Try the Continence Advisory Department at your local hospital. They sell
washable pads for mattresses. I'm not sure how much they cost.
We bought ours from Boots, we tried the cheaper ones but they were terrible, the Boots one cost a bit moe but was well worth the extra.
Got our one from eBay. It is plastic with a terry cotton topping so that it isn't all rustly when you move about!

Got our one from eBay. It is plastic with a terry cotton topping so that … Got our one from eBay. It is plastic with a terry cotton topping so that it isn't all rustly when you move about!

That is the one you want. I got one for my daughter a few years ago and it rustled so much and drove her mental!! The terry towelling ones are best. Again they do them in wilkinsons!!
yep agree with the quality thing..mothercare have a choice too of types..


It may not be on the website but they do sell them- their tel no. is 01209 314759.

Hope this helps.

Try Vertbaudet, they have a selection of different types plus there are a few codes you could use?
I didn't even think to try in Wilkinsons as I don't really see them - there aren't any where I usually shop, that's why I just bought one off eBay.

Think I paid £17.99 including delivery for a King size - probably quite a bit cheaper in Wilkinson
Obviously you not wanting to replace the mattress but just for anyone who don't know,you cna buy beds with mattresses or mattresses seperately that have 1 side waterproof coating. My daughter as one of these plus I put on a waterproof protector which my Mum bought,its got the fabric top covering again so doesn't rustle lol.
She in nappies still at night,I'm going try again without soon when weather better as tried last yr.
Its good idea to have protector on anyway even if they dry cos if they sick bad etc it cna go straight through the sheet etc.
for son i have the mothercare mattress not cover-one which has a special cover over a waterproof material-it made him sweat so much we cant use it..an expensive mistake.
Thanks Guys and Gals! You've been very helpful.
i read a suggestion in a magazine and we followed it, buy a cheap shower curtain and lay that on top of the matress and plaec your fitted sheet over, we brought a cheap shower curtain from asda for 99p, obvioulsy i didnt look hard enough when i needed a cover for our matress, as my son in the night comes into our bed and like you guys have a memory foam matress and i had this horrible thought of how absorbant a sponge is lol. it can be a tad annoying as the curtain does move but i brought these clip things from betterware that you hook onto the corner of your matress to keep sheets in place and it worked.
I still wet my bed when I've drank a few too many beers (once every two years) maybe I could do with one of these :thumbsup:
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