Waterproof mini speakers

    Wonder if anyone knows of any cheap waterproof speakers that I can use in conjunction with an ipod. Will be for use in the sauna but heat wont really be a factor as I can just put it on the floor. Something similar to the link below, but not looking to spend a great deal. Doesnt need to be great quality-just gets a bit boring in the sauna with nothing to do!…tml


    Woolworths had that model you posted on sale at £19.99 a few weeks ago.
    It's no longer online but you might be able to find it instore if you're very lucky. They don't have it in my local unfortunately.

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    Thanks for that, repped :thumbsup:
    Will check this out tomorrow


    Are you sure that your ipod will t like working in that humidity? I'd be inclined to put it in a sealed bag at the very least!

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    Yeah it'll be ok as the ipod will be in a sealed compartment suitable for going in swimming pools/showers etc. Only possible issue It could have would be temperature but as it will be kept on the floor that wont really be an issue either as the temp is quite low at ground level :thumbsup:
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