Waterproofs for motorcyclist

    Can anybody recommend a good make of waterproofs for commuting on a motorcycle? Ideally fairly light and easy to carry and breathable, so you dont end up wetter on the inside than out? Links to any offers would be good, but I would like something that will last. thank you in advance, Tim


    It's called a car !!!

    Car for wet weather, bike for nice weather - thats what I do, I hate riding in the rain

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    ChrisUK, as I get older I have to agree, but needs must and when I have to share the car with my wife, I tend to get three options: walk, pushbike or motorbike.....

    There are always plenty waterproofs on ebay.

    Best thing to do is to read some reviews in the M/C mags or MCN website - their design and effectiveness at keeping you dry can vary enormously. When the one piece suits leak the water collects at the lowest point - usually your crotch - so it looks like you p'ed yourself....voice of experience here....

    If you're going to be biking in the winter I suggest something a bit more substantial - the kit with armour and zip out thermal lining....


    [url][/url] do some workwear waterproofs that would suit your needs, fairly good value too. However any biker would tell you a set of leathers is the best option, however expensive.

    Not sure biking in the pooring rain is a good idea, Less visibility and it would be as slippy/slidey as anything!, I think i'd even prefer the bus!!

    My son, who has a big motor bike(R1,new this year) got his from a camping shop.
    They wearnt cheap, but they are good.
    He has tried the likes from Aldi and Lidl, but the quality wasnt there.
    In other words you get what you pay for. Sorry cant help you further.:)

    I would check aldi's or Lidl's (can never remember) they have bikers gear there pretty often, i bought a all in one bike wetsuit from there a few months ago and its superb and only around £20.


    However any biker would tell you a set of leathers is the best option, … However any biker would tell you a set of leathers is the best option, however expensive.

    Agreed just myself some this week :thumbsup:

    Only thing is once leather is wet thoroughly takes days to dry - you'd still need waterproofs over the leathers to stop them getting wet. Unless you're a fairweather biker.......

    Biking in wet, cold leathers is not fun.....

    There are some suits here…150

    Suggest you pick one you like the look of and use googe to search for reviews.....

    As someone who used to commute all year round (except for snow) - I'd recommend an oversuit for spring/summer for over your leathers and something like the Frank Thomas Aquaguard FTW141 Jacket for rest of the time (what I used for years - great jacket - did about 60k miles in that jacket - coped with everything including low speed accidents).…100
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