Waterstones Appauling Service

    Just wanted to let off steam and vent my fury at Waterstones.

    Ordered a book online 2 weeks ago (28th April). Price was the same at Waterstones as Amazon, but decided to go with Waterstones because Amazon was likely to take a few days to deliver. The Waterstones website said it was in stock and usually despatched in 24 hours.

    A week later, my order is still processing, so send an email to ask why. 5 days later, get the following response...

    Dear Ian,

    This email is to update you on your order status. We launched into our New
    Book Hub at the end of January and although this is a vast improvement on
    our previous supplier, we have experienced some teething problems which we
    are proactively working through to resolve. Your order has been affected
    and we are doing our utmost to get this resolved and we should be able
    update you on your order early next week.

    Thank you for your patience and continued custom.

    Not content on waiting another week before I am even updated about my order, I rang them up and was told that, and I quote, "...the order is stuck at the warehouse". So I said, what does 'stuck' mean, and was told " means it is not going anywhere".

    Absolutely ridiculous. I have now cancelled my order and gone with Amazon which I should have done in the first place.

    Anyone else have any stories to tell about Waterstones? It would make me feel better to hear them, to know I am not the only one!

    Thanks for listening!


    They have made changes and had some teething problems not great but not that bad either

    I thought they used the same distributor as Woolworths and when they went bust they were left in the brown stuff.

    To be fair, it is just a book that is a bit late. It's not life threatening.

    I must admit that every time I have used Waterstones my order has arrived promptly.

    Sorry I can't contribute to the rant.


    once waited 2weeks for a £3.00 children book from another well known book store ~ Foyles ( in charing cross,london) said it would take 3 days but waited 2 weeks!!.

    I never used them again............. worse the book was not even on offer i had the RRP price for it too!!!
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