Waterstones Codes

    Does anyone have any active codes for any amount off at Waterstones?

    Excluding if you spend £35 or more.


    hope this helps!

    £5 Discount when you spend over £25 WN9528

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    Thanx, I don't want any codes where I have to spend any money to get money off. The book I want doesn't cost £25 or £35.

    Your going to have to spend some money to get some money off :giggle:

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    Well I only want to buy the one book from here because it is cheaper than anywhere else.

    Don't want to spend more money, if that was the case I would buy the book from somewhere else.

    What book is it? Don't think there are any vouchers like that atm

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    The last Harry Potter book.

    I know Amazon have it for £8.99 but you got to factor in P&P.

    It sorta worked out cheaper with Waterstones, think it is £1.50 P&P.

    Just wanted to be cheeky and see if I could get some more money off

    Which edition adult or child's? lol…nce

    £5.75 delivered here.

    Its not brand new but its hard back so should be fine and condition says its good.

    Just an idea to save few pound.

    Mini celebration for 1000 posts

    or Adult edition £4.75 delivered…nce

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    Is this purely a buy only site? You don't have to purchase another book within 6 months, or something like that?

    no such commitments as you mention.

    Can buy something now and never return:thumbsup:

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    Ah just looked properly and it is not the one that I want.

    I am after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The link you gave is for the 6th book.

    Is there a minimum order?
    There is no minimum order and there is no minimum commitment. You’re free to come and go and use our site as often or as little as you wish. We like to think our low pricing and great customer support retains our customers, not contracts!

    Ok lol.

    If you go with Waterstone's choose collect in store

    = Free delivery:thumbsup:

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    Might do that and pick it up the day after.

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