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Posted 9th Jul
Hi all

I have some big (600mb plus) wav files of my mate who used to be a DJ and wanted to convert them into mp3's.

I used to be able to rip them to mp3 if they were on a cd with windows media player but as they're not on a CD it won't let me do it.

Does anyone know any programs that I can get that will help me do this.

There are some online links but the file size can't be more than 200mb so struggling and have a lot to convert.

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Audacity, open source desktop app, no limits conversion. There's even a portable version available so no installation required.
I take it you don't have a burner drive? Long way round but you could burn the WAV to CD - then rip it to MP3?

I would just use "Audacity" which is free. Load up the WAV. Save it back out as an MP3. You used to have to install the codec for MP3 as Audacity doesn't do it natively due to copyright issues but there are guides on how to do this.


audacityteam.org/abo…rt/ : Export info.

*Edit - It looks like Lame's MP3 is now included in the program.
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Thanks guys. Worked a treat!!!!
tiki347109/07/2020 14:22

Thanks guys. Worked a treat!!!!

Everyone loves to hear a result. Nice one!
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