*WAW* Map Pack 4 <Today or ? BS ? >

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Found 25th Sep 2009
Is it real >? Is it today >? was suppsoed to be 24th Sept 09 according to rumour, Easter Egg discovery etc.

Will take place in area 51 Nevada and will defiantly be the last map pack
As of now the Zombie Map name is undecided but, Rot?er is being considered
The Pack-a-Punch machine will make a return only this time around you can upgrade just about anything from your knife to grenades to even monkey bombs
Biggest map yet with 4 stories and various Teleporter locations
More doors to open, guns to buy, and secrets to discover
The mystery box will be back and this time there will be a chance of receiving already upgraded weapons as well as two modern weapons thrown into the mix
Brand new gun the 37.8 Polychromatic Rifle, it shoots plasma projectiles that latch on to zombies causing them to explode spraying more of the stuff everywhere. The chain reaction will end there but with a 7 shot clip size with 85 shots to spare its one hell of a rifle
New pick up which makes the person who picked it up invincible for 30 seconds
Release date- September 24
Downloaded along with 3 multiplayer maps
Includes many different types of zombies as they converge on the characters last stand
1. Nazi (German)Zombies
2. Imperial (Japanese)Zombies
3. Regio Esercito(Italian) Zombies
4. Hungarian, Romanian, and Bulgarian Zombies
5. Zombie dogs will make a return along with 2 other brand new animals
6. Zombie birds will bring a whole new element as you will have to watch the skies
7. Zombie Tunnellers will attempt to undermine you as you fight off the dogs and birds in the Zombie Animate rounds
8. Every tenth round you will face off against Alien Zombies
Treyarch has included an advanced version of the harpoon gun for the Animate and Alien rounds without which you will be hard pressed to survive
The harpoon gun will work on normal zombies but you will probably not want to waste it. It can be equipped be pressing up on the D-Pad
Map pack 4 has 10 new achievements for you but not all of them have been decided on
Each character will now have a starting perk, chosen by random that they will have for the whole game. (E.G. Player 1 will have quick reload while player 2 takes 3-4 hits to go down. They are less powerful then the main perks so buying them in still recommended.)
Each character will start with a pistol that you chose at the beginning. Has nothing to do with nationality simply the players preference
Double tap will not return nor will quick revive instead they will be incorporated into Speed Cola which will now cost 3750 points(On a side note double tap will not be as fast nor reviving as quick)
In place of those perks will be stopping power for 2200 points and R&G soda which gives you to ability to Run and Gun or, run while shooting, as well as run longer distances and this will sell for 1750 points
Every character but Takeo will return and he will be replaced by a mysterious figure in black who as the levels goes on it is revealed to be someone from the main campaign
The figure will first appear in a CGI cut scene at the start of the level and will stay with you until the end
If you make it to round 35 after you all die you will see another CGI cut scene which is a final farewell to Nazi zombies
Or is it? Easter eggs in the new map hint at more possible zombies
*source unknown*


If all the details aren't known then there's a good chance it won't be out today.

nothing on their website!

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Lol It really should Auto subscribe you to all threads you start
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