Way of password Protecting Internet connection on PS3

    I have a playstation 3 but as my 13 year old brother goes on it alot I do not want him connecting to the internet.

    Can I set a password on the internet connection so He cannot get on it?

    If I set the connection to disable he will just change it.


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    Hes been connecting to next doors router and making trouble basically haha
    thats why Im trying to block it.
    There is lots of Unsecure networks in our street, I dont fancy going round asking them all to disable it haha.

    wrap the ps3 in tin foil

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    wrap the ps3 in tin foil

    Really helpful that...


    Really helpful that... Cheers!

    Yeah, I share your scepticism, he'd just rip it off.

    oldmanhouse, you forgot to tell him to superglue the tin foil on!
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    Ok.. how about this:

    Get a safe or box with a padlock...
    ... wrap the ps3 in tin foil ...
    ... put it in the safe/box!

    I can't think of any serious suggestions..
    - Parental Control doesn't allow limiting the internet connection,
    - you can stop him connecting to your router (mac filtering as suggested by dcx) but he'll just connect to a neighbours router

    so all you can do is maybe change his PSN account password and disable auto-login. He could just create a new one I guess... depends if he'd be willing to lose his Black Ops rankings or whatever. I know some people might have a heart attack at the thought of being level 1 again or whatever.

    Best just tell him to not go on the internet or you'll ban him from the PS3/beat him up.
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