Waybuloo Toys, Dvd's etc

    Does anyone know when these are going to be on sale?? Ive looked online for a release date but had no luck. I *think* i saw something about them instore at argos but i was wondering if you could pre order stuff online?


    Autumn/winter will see the launch of the Waybuloo toy range from Fisher-Price, along with books from Egmont and DVDs from 2 Entertain.

    With a further 15 additional licensees rolling out products from spring/summer 2010 there will be a wide range of merchandise available.

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    I think it was end of either sept in argos book...sorry too lazy to move and find the book!

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    ah, thankyou, was hoping to get some in time for LO birthday but i guess it will have to be christmas

    does it show the toys in the argos book or is it just a notice? x

    My LO would love a waybuloo too, suppose to be this years 'must have' toy for the LO's I heard. Would someone post if they see any in the shops, as I have no intention of queueing at toysrus for 3 days to get one in December :-D

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    In the argos book it just says, available the end of september, not a specific date.

    best keep our eyes peeled! you just know they will fly off the shelves:roll:

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    They are now in Tesco, i got nok tok and lau lau talking toys yesterday at 19.99 each, they also have small plushes for 5.99. they sold out nearly within a day!

    more stuff end of september my little one would love one

    shes already got timmy time stuff for her birthday next week

    also dvds of timmy time and waybuloo, will be out september/october time well in HMV anyway xxx

    The 2 x talking plushes are available for pre-order at Mothercare, if ordering over £100 you get 10% off too.…loo

    Says stock will be online from 11th October

    available to preorder from and now available at argos stocks v limited so hurry!! x
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