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Posted 1st Jul
I'm looking for a Wayfair coupon as I want to purchase an item that is £105.99

I thought I was getting a 15% off code for my first purchase, but then noticed it's only for items over £150

Hope someone can help

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Wayfair nearly always source their goods from other retailers who might also be selling online at a lower price. Wayfair then just changed the name and manufacturer so it seems like a unique bespoke product.

Do a reverse image search for your item you want to buy and i bet you find the same item picture on another website shop cheaper.

I purchased an office chair this way and saved a good £30.

Give it a go and see what you get!
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Had a 10% Wayfair discount voucher with a recent H&B purchase
Thanks for the replies. I did the image search and Wayfair was the cheapest but is still a bit more than I hoped to pay.

I will keep looking for a code and welcome anyone to add any here that they find
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